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November UKVI Changes

November UKVI Changes

From the 12th November, the UK Visa and Immigration Department will be making a number of important changes to the visa process. Please ensure you are aware of these before making any visa application, as it could have an effect on the final decision.

Cost of Living

Students must show that they are able to support themselves during their studies. They are required to show the necessary funds for the full duration of the course they will be studying. This amount must be in their bank account (or a parents), for a minimum period of 28 consecutive days. The maintenance funds have increased from the 12th November. Please see below:

  • Inner London and the London boroughs - from £1,020 to £1,265 per month
  • Outer London - from £820 to £1,015 per month

Please note, this amount is for living expenses only, and does not include tuition fees.


For any dependants (i.e. husband, wife, children), students are required to show how they will be financially supported. They will be required to show the following amount:

  • Inner London and the London boroughs - £845 per month (for a maximum period of 9 months)
  • Outer London - £680 per month (for a maximum period of 9 months)

Case Study

Mohammed, his wife and two children will be living in the UK whilst Mohammed completes his Postgraduate degree at the University of Liverpool. His course lasts 8 months. He will be required, therefore, to show that he has £1,015 for his own living expenses, in his account, for a total period of 8 months. This amount totals to £8,120.

As he is bringing dependants with him, he will also need to show financial support for them. He has three dependants, so this will be £680 per person, which equals to £2,040. As he is studying for 8 months, this is multiplied by 8, with the total amount for dependants coming to £16,320. 

 In total, he will need to show £24,440 in his account for himself and his family. This will need to be in his account for 28 consecutive day, at the time of receiving his CAS and applying for his visa. 

Visa Renewal

Students studying at English language colleges who will be progressing to a University that does not have a direct link with the college, must return to their home country to either renew their visa, or change to Tier 4 (Student).

Period of Study Allowed

Changes have been made to the length of time a student can remain in the UK on a Tier 4 (general student visa)

  • English language and Further Education Colleges – 2 years
  • Undergraduate Degree (3 year course) – 5 years
  • Undergraduate Degree (4 year course) – 6 years
  • PhD Degree – 8 years
  • Courses in the subject area of; architecture, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, music at a conservatoire – no limit