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How to write a Personal Statement

How to write a Personal Statement

The Course

Begin by explaining why you want to study the course/subject area you are applying for. Show your committment and passion through your words. Why does it excite you to study this.

The Person

Talk about yourself! This is a Personal Statement about you and your interests, not only about subject. Talk about why you are a great fit for the course, what extra curriculur activities have you taken part in that will aide your application? What voluntary work have you done, what work experience etc?

  • Idea: Create a brainstorm/mind map with 'About Me' in the middle, and list relevant things around it. 
  • Turn each point into a statement, and then into a combined paragraph. 

The Career

What is the purpose of studying this course? What do you intend to get out of this? What are your career aspirations, and how will studying this course help you achieve this?

The Opinions

Get some feedback! Apart from your dedicated Consultant, ask two other people. Ask your college/school tutor and a family member. They will come up with different suggestions than what you may have thought, so their opinion will be very valuable!