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Free stuff you can get as a student in the UK

Life in the UK isn’t the cheapest, with student life often being especially tight. Therefore, we know that you will always be looking to get discounts and freebies to save cash wherever you can. Fortunately, students are very well cared for in the UK, and have a lot of money saving options available to them. Read on for our top tips on free stuff you can get as a student in the UK. 




Here in the UK we are very lucky to have the NHS. All international students get full access to NHS services in England and Wales if they are studying in the UK for a least six months or more, whilst all international students in Scotland receive full access to NHS services no matter how long they are in the UK for. Additionally, there are no prescription fees in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, meaning that any medication prescribed to you by your GP would be totally free. In England, prescriptions are capped at £8.60, with some exemptions. For students in Scotland and Wales (under 25s only), dental check-ups are also completely free. NHS dental services in England are capped at set prices.

All over the UK, if you are aged over 18 but are in full-time education (i.e. a university student), you are entitled to NHS funded eye tests. You are also eligible for an NHS Optical Voucher, in which the NHS will cover the cost, or provide money off, of your glasses. You will often need a valid student card in order to prove your entitlement.


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Many large cities in the UK, including Manchester, offer free Metro-shuttle buses in and around the city centre. In Manchester, there are three different free bus routes, which go between the main train stations, via the city centre, and stop close by to the university areas. You can also check on the bus operator’s website, such as Stagecoach, Arriva, and First Group, for the student discount deals they run. Many will offer a reduced rate season ticket for students. For example, buying a Stagecoach UniRider pass in Liverpool means that you bus travel would work out at around 71p per day. If you are a student in London, you can get an 18+ Student Card, which gets you 30% off all travelcard fares (including the London Underground), as well as bus and tram tickets.

If you are planning on doing a little travelling around the UK whilst you are here, you will more than likely get a fair few trains across the country. We would therefore recommend that you purchase a 16-25 railcard, giving you 30% off all rail fares. 


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Flash that student card! Student discount is available in many shops across the UK, giving you huge savings on your shopping. Many shops will also often have special shopping events purely for students, giving you extra discounts, as well as freebie giveaways.

Did you know? Students can get Amazon Prime free for six months, with a 50% discount on costs thereafter. This means you can take advantage of free next day delivery on thousands of items, for a maximum of £39 a year. 


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There are hundreds of websites around, offering advice and details on special offers and freebies from stores and companies in the UK. Our two favourites are, and, both of which provide current deals and offers for students, as well as providing advice on how to get money off almost every aspect of student life in the UK.


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