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Focus On: Accounting & Finance Why

Focus On: Accounting & Finance

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Studying an Accounting and Finance degree, whether at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level, is an investment worth making. There are many reasons to study Accounting and Finance, including the fact that such a subject will never go out of date. As long as money exists and is used, there will always be a need across the world for Accountants and Finance professionals. 

The UK also has some world-leading universities where Accounting and Finance is concerned, including UKEC partners such as the Universities of Strathclyde, Bath and Glasgow (the top 3 universities for Accounting and Finance in the UK). 

Accounting and Finance is one of the most diverse student subject areas of them all. Over 55,000 of the UK's students in this area came from overseas. A diverse cohort will not only expose you to people of different cultures but can provide you with an international network of contacts who could prove influential later in life.


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An Accounting and Finance course consists of business, management and money. Accounting is generally concerned with a range of information analysis, whereas finance is concerned solely with the monetary aspects of a business.

This subject area is suitable for people who enjoy mathematics, but also those who wish to apply these skills within a business, including aspects such as management, business law and economics.

Most Accounting and Finance courses include a range of modules, taught through lectures and seminars, and then courseworks/assessments and exams. 


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Accounting & Finance degrees often take a highly practical approach, meaning universities ensure their students learn by doing. Students benefit from simulated and real-life opportunities to manage business accounts. Many Accounting & Finance courses have an optional placement year, and with a year in industry under your belt you'll surely leave prepared for the rigours of professional life.

Accounting students, particularly those with a degree from a reputable overseas institution stand a greater chance of being employed within 6 months of graduating than a number of other subjects. 

Additionally, unlike many other courses, Accounting and Finance graduates are not bound to one industry. Rather, most if not all industries, require accountants and finance professionals, so the job market is always diverse and wide.


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UKEC are partners with 6 of the top 10 UK universities for Accounting and Finance courses. This means our excellent and close relationship with the universities ensure we are able to provide the most up-to-date information regarding entry requirements and modular information to our students. We also guarantee a 3-day application turnaround. 

Before we make an application, we make sure all your documents including the personal statement are up to the required university standard. Once we are confident about the application quality, we will submit these on your behalf. One additional benefit of using UKEC is that our Consultants are able to use our close relationship to advocate for our students.