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CNY - The importance of the Reunion

CNY - The importance of the Reunion

Chinese New Year is all about one thing – spending time with your loved ones. In a world that has seen a lot of recent troubles; we must always remember the one thing that keeps the world going – love and happiness! 

Whether you are not able to meet your family in person, or are rushing home to see them from a nearby city or a far-flung country, remember that the New Year is a time for a fresh start with those you love and appreciate!

We spend our days and nights chasing wealth, education or ambition, sometimes we get so busy in these goals, we get stressed and feel overwhelmed. In these moments, it’s very easy to forget the blessings all around us. The blessings that people give to us and the blessings that we give to others. Sometimes, we forget that life itself is a blessing.

The importance of the reunion meal is a time for remembering these. It involves respect for our elders, keeping good neighbours, celebrating our inheritance, appreciating our circumstances, and most importantly, sharing the love we have. If we focus on being a blessing, we will always be blessed. This Chinese New Year Reunion Meal, we wish you and your family lots of happiness, success and joy!

We saw a number of great adverts recently about what Chinese New Year is all about, and loved the important messages. We hope you enjoy watching the videos much as we did. We’ve included our top three – watch below!

First Place:

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