We have been working with UKEC for almost 10 years, and it has been a very positive experience. We find UKEC to be very responsive - as our needs change our objectives and targets also change. We have found that in these instances, UKEC does listen to us and work well with us.

I think the advantage for the student in using UKEC is all about being able to talk to somebody who understands their situation, understands their culture, understands their language, and understands what it’s like to be a student in the UK. UKEC can take students through the whole process right from the first moment of thinking about a university through to starting the programme and maybe beyond to making sure that students are comfortable. For the University of Bath that means we have someone we trust can to look after the student and university for us.

UKEC has a good network across the UK, so wherever a student is, it is probably not very far from a UKEC office. UKEC are very well-located in a lot of the main university centres. Students also appreciate the personal approach offered by UKEC, in which they get very honest and supportive advice.

Virginia Irwin

University of Bath

Deputy Head of International Office

UKEC is one of Loughborough University’s longstanding partners. Over the past decade, UKEC has proven itself to be professional, trustworthy, and, most important, extremely customer-centred.

Lu Bai

Loughborough University

International Officer

UKEC is an official educational representative of the University of East Anglia (UEA). UKEC and UEA have worked closely for a number of years, and we value UKEC's honesty and professionalism as an agent. Every year UKEC helps many students to fulfil their ambition to study at UEA, and provides students with a reliable and trustworthy service.

Ms Victoria Isherwood

University of East Anglia

Assistant Head of International Recruitment-Marketing

The University of Liverpool has been working with UKEC for around 10 years now. We have always found UKEC staff to be professional and the students they send us to be of a very good quality. It is very easy to work with UKEC because everyone is so friendly. They provide comprehensive counselling and are very fair in representing all of their partners.

I think that students choose UKEC because of the service they receive from initial enquiry and application help right through to receiving their offer. They also provide support along the way, including visa advice and pre-arrival information for students coming to the UK or a new city.

Jonathan Moore

University of Liverpool

Regional and Recruitment Partnerships Manager

UKEC works closely with the University of Southampton in order to provide students with quick and accurate information on a range of topics such as courses, accommodation and life at the University. We believe that UKEC are a professional and reliable company and we are happy to recommend them to students

Ms Zoe Yao

University of Southampton

Country Development Manager

UKEC are one of our great assets in terms of partnerships. We appreciate the fact that UKEC is a very professional organisation which has sent us good quality students for a number of years. Overall we are very satisfied with the UKEC collaboration.

I think students choose UKEC for a good number of reasons. Their offices are located throughout the country, they are a very professional company and the education counsellors are very knowledgeable. Their depth of experience means they are able to recommend the most appropriate universities for international students.

David Broomby

University of Sheffield

International Officer

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