UKEC celebrates a commendable milestone by securing the 100th higher education institution partnership.
UKEC lands in Malaysia, marking continuity in the internationalisation of UKEC in South East Asia with the aim to build bridge to connect students in the region to access UK higher education. UKEC opens branch office in Liverpool, the birthplace of the Beatles, to provide on-the-ground support to growing number of international students in the city.
After over 16 years, the UK headquarters relocates to the prominent St James’ Building on the bustling Oxford Street, a stone’s throw away from the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.
UKEC introduces visa advice and student accommodation application services to support our students, truly fulfilling a comprehensive approach to enhance their experience. Meanwhile, UKEC continues to develop official partnerships with Southwest Jiaotong University and Sichuan Normal University.
UKEC’s seventh office is opened in the Welsh capital, Cardiff. This ensures UKEC has an office in all major UK cities.
UKEC consolidates its position in the capital city, London, with the opening of another branch office in Euston, a central location providing easy access to various collegiate institutions of the University of London as well as to students commuting by train and tube.
UKEC continues its strategy of establishing partnerships and joint-preparatory programmes with universities in China in order to promote UK higher education and develop sustainable relationship between UK-Chinese institutions. UKEC is able to support cooperation between UK and Chinese higher education institutions, culminating in the establishment of in-China foundation programmes and joint programmes tailored to the needs of UK universities. Meanwhile, UKEC also opens its 6th UK branch office in Newcastle.
UKEC is awarded the Big Ben Award for Best UK Enterprise for Supporting the Development of Overseas Youth. This prize recognises our commitment and passion for cultivating productive relationships with the international student population.
UKEC establishes key strategic partnership with China Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, helping to provide advice and assistance on studying in the UK to their students.
UKEC represents the UK higher education counselling industry to present market research for leading British Council workshops aimed at promoting UK universities.
UKEC establishes a formal academic-based partnership with Sichuan University and opens the UK-China joint-programme recruitment office.
UKEC increases its global presence, opening a number of offices throughout China to provide guidance to students wishing to study at UK higher education institutions.
UKEC opens branch offices in London and Edinburgh, extending our professional education counselling service to international students in those cities.
UKEC develops English language support services, culminating in the opening of Excel College, a British Council accredited English language school based in Manchester in 2003
UKEC is fast emerging as an industry leader, setting best practice in education counselling and application management services. We become the first UK-based agency to offer bursaries and grants, effectively ensuring all UK services remain free to students.
UKEC is founded in Manchester by a group of international students with the aim to bridge the information gap for international students who intend to study overseas in the UK.

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