International Student Recruitment
We are experts at sourcing a diverse array of international students from both the UK and overseas for a range of courses at a variety of UK higher education institutions. We are skilled in assisting high calibre students to produce first-rate applications for our partner institutions. The high quality of our recruitment services complements the exacting standards of our partner universities.

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Marketing and Advertising Initiatives in Target Market
Our firm knowledge base means that we understand the key differentiating factors of each partner institution, while the strong relationships we have formed with international students allows us to convey university value propositions to their intended audience in ways and languages that will be understood.


Interview and Outreach Days
Our physical presence across the UK, China and Malaysia combined with our established network of locally-based international students means that we are able to arrange interview and outreach days at our branch offices. Through outreach days, university representatives have the opportunity to meet prospective students, field their questions, and create a strong personal impression of their institution. Interview days provide partner universities with the opportunity to conduct admission interviews with international students at our local offices. This allows partners to extend their reach and improve the effectiveness of their international student recruitment activities. 

The interview days can be also conducted via our online channels.



Market Competition, Intelligence and Resource Sharing
As an experienced facilitator of international student recruitment for over 90 UK universities, we operate from a unique perspective that gives us a comprehensive understanding of the UK higher education landscape with respect to international student recruitment. Our partners are able to benefit from our valuable insights into the international student market in the UK, China, Southeast Asia and beyond, from the perspective of international students, parents, other domestic destinations of study as well as abroad.


Partnership with Overseas Universities (Articulation and joint-programmes)
We understand the powerful synergies that can be created by cooperation between UK and overseas higher education institutions. The prosperous relationships we have fostered in the UK and abroad place us in a prime position to facilitate global cross-institutional cooperation. We can assist UK universities in forming partnership with international counterparts to deliver undergraduate and postgraduate preparation programmes overseas. These programmes allow UK universities to tailor content in order to safeguard academic standards and ensure relevance to the subsequent course of study at a UK university. We are also able to facilitate the establishment of joint undergraduate and postgraduate programmes run by UK institutions in collaboration with an international partner.



Cultural and Educational Exchange
While the UK is widely recognised as a first choice for world class higher education, we are committed to promoting cultural and educational exchange between the UK and rest of the world. In addition to providing channels of cultural exchange for our partner universities, we are able to organise intake for university summer programmes, where students can experience British culture and education first hand.



Career Workshop and Internship Opportunities for students
As part of UKEC’s commitment to providing a comprehensive service to international students, we offer career workshops aimed at enhancing employability and communication skills of international students. We run several workshops to cover a range of topics from CV writing to understanding the UK employment application process. Students are taught how to prepare for interviews, what to expect when undergoing the recruitment process, and ultimately how to achieve success in securing employment within the UK. As a licensed Tier 5 and Tier 2 sponsor, exceptional students are also afforded the opportunity to gain work experience or short-term contracts with UKEC.


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