If you have been contemplating the idea of studying in the UK for a while, then you should really get going with preparing yourself as soon as possible! Application for the UK Postgraduate programme should start sometime during your second year at Undergraduate - here is how to go about tackling the procedure if you aim to begin your Postgraduate studies in 2017.



Before you make any decisions, you need to understand the types of UK Postgraduate programmes: Taught and Research.


A Taught degree is similar to a Bachelor's, in the sense that it involves a series of taught modules. You sit in classes, seminars and do practical work. In terms of accessment, you're tested on the acquired knowledge and skills through exams, group projects, dissertations and the likes.


In a Research degree, however, students learn from researching and working independently on a research proposal with the help of a supervisor. It is considered more of a preparation for students who are aiming to undertake PhD studies. 



1. August-December 2016

By this stage, you should have put together a file of documents and information on past year's degree and module plans from your preferred universities. Now is the time to compare them, find the one best suited to you and from there, you apply.


During this period, most universities will have finished evaluating the applications and lecturers will tend to interact more with applicants which may cause delays in the process.




2. November-December 2016

...and expect even greater delays because it's Christmas time!




3. January-April 2017

You have done all you could! Now you remain patient and wait for the universities to respond with an offer. But if you have yet to send out your applications, do it now! Bear in mind that most universities will have stopped accepting applications by now so you could well have missed your chances, but there is not harm in trying!




4. May-August 2017

By now you should have received your offers, or even chosen the university for you. Next step: Visa application.