The purpose of ApplicationUK is to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information and news regarding British education, in addition to professional advice on the admissions process. By simplifying the process for international students to search and apply for a suitable UK institution, ApplicationUK which is developed by a team experienced with education promotion and recruitment for 16 years, is able to significantly improve the efficiency of the recruitment process for UK institutions, helping both the provider to recruit outstanding students, and crucially, assisting students to fulfil their dreams.

The unique Big Data Automatic Matching system (BDAM) is the UK’s first international degree conversion tool. Using an applicant’s educational background and the data and experience accumulated for 16 years, it assesses the predicted success rate of their application to their chosen universities.

Students are able to submit applications, free of charge, to up to five universities. 

We cover over one hundred and thirty-four universities in the UK, thereby able to apply to over 12,000 professional postgraduate and 10,000 undergraduate courses, as well as the curriculum ranging from primary school to high school in British private schools. ApplicationUK is and will always remain a free-of-charge service to all students with the aim of facilitating cultural and educational exchange throughout the UK.

To make an application using this service, and be in with a chance of receiving up to £1,000 worth of scholarships, please see the website.